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If you enjoy writing, you can hear free interviews with Catholic children’s book authors about their works on the Catholic Kidlit Podcast, I have also compiled exclusive interviews with authors, editors, etc. diving deep into the book-creation process so that you can learn from those who have walked this road before you.

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Insights from an Editor – Exclusive Interview with editor and author Lindsay Schlegel

In this exclusive Catholic Kidlit video we learn about what it’s like behind the editor’s desk:

  • How to choose the right publisher for your book 
  • The differences among the Catholic, Christian, and mainstream markets 
  • Using the #MSWL hashtag
  • Pitching to Christian editors on Twitter 
  • What editors look for in your query letter 
  • and more!

Making a Living Writing Full-Time with Catholic Author Phillip Campbell

In this exclusive Catholic Kidlit video we learn about the discipline of writing:

  • How Phillip Campbell made the leap to writing full-time from his kitchen table
  • Organizing your writing day
  • Tackling ambitious projects
  • Preventing writing burn-out
  • The importance of connecting with other writers
  • And more!

All about Board Books with Cassie Harrington

In this exclusive interview we discuss:

  • Launching a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund board book creation
  • Particular challenges of publishing board books vs. picture book
  • Learning through error
  • Board book printers in China
  • And more!

These are just a few of the many exclusive interviews available in the Catholic Kidlit Writers Club

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