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History Where Grace Meets Nature with Author Phillip Campbell Catholic Kidlit

In today's episode, I speak with author Phillip Campbell about his dramatized historical narratives. You'll hear about: How to get a free Arthur the Clumsy Altar Server coloring page PDF Why good children's literature is for adults too! The difference between biography and dramatized narrative Why telling the saints' stories should look different today than eighty years ago How ambitious projects begin with a single step The two pitfalls of saint biographies The background story behind a well-known Catholic history "spine" text The inspiration behind a new book about a French saint And more! Then, join us in the Catholic Kidlit Writers Club to hear more! How Phillip Campbell made the leap to writing full-time from his kitchen table Organizing your writing day Tackling ambitious projects Preventing writing burn-out The importance of connecting with other writers And more! It's all here, and more, at the Catholic Kidlit Writers Club, on Patreon. Find more resources and book info at —- The best way to support the Catholic kidlit creator you heard from today is to buy their books, leave reviews, and spread the word on social media and in person. If you want to write meaningful children's books with a Catholic heart, check out the Catholic Kidlit Writers Club at  For picture book coaching and critiques, see —- This is a podcast and Catholic-children’s-book-loving community that celebrates good books to nurture little souls! All answers/opinions shared by the interviewees are their own and are for educational purposes only. Their answers/opinions may not reflect the opinions of Catholic Kidlit or Theresa Kiser. Catholic Kidlit or Theresa Kiser is not responsible and liable for anything shared by interviewees. Interviews may be edited for clarity and time. —   More about your host, author Theresa Kiser, at   More about Catholic Kidlit and the Writers Club at
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