No one finishes a novel or book without support and help along the way. Inspired by my incredible English teachers, critique partners, and mentors, I love to encourage, teach, and coach other writers.

“Class served as a great motivator.” – Jill B., adult novel-writing student

NOW ENROLLING: Spring Novel Writing Class

Write (or Finish) That Book Already!

Have an idea or a manuscript that’s been crying out for you to write into a completed book? We’re taking a dive deep into our novel ideas to complete a draft of our manuscripts by the end of the 6 sessions. (No worries if you don’t finish, but we’re setting ambitious goals to push ourselves and learn as much as we can!)

February and March 2020
WHEN: February 3-March 30 (skipping March 10, 17, and 24 so you can devote that time to writing!) Tuesdays 5:30-7:00pm
WHERE: Mauldin Cultural Center – Greenville, South Carolina
COST: $195 for the program

February = PREP Month! We will focus on Character and Plotting.
March = WRITING Month! We will each write tens of thousands of words on our novels during class time at our own houses, not meeting the middle three weeks of March to devote that time to writing.


Tuesdays (Feb and March 2020)

The class will be offered Tuesdays at the Mauldin Cultural Center in Mauldin, SC. Please see above for timing.

Intensive Plotting

Plot your novel, get to know your characters, and build your world during the month of February. I will lead you through each process, so that you’re ready to write during the month of March.

Finish Your Novel

We will set goals to write at 50k words (yes, fifty thousand! We can do it!) to complete our novels during March!