For Ages 0-3

Introduce little ones to God’s great love through the meaning of each liturgical color.

For ages 0-3

For Ages 4-8

God’s love is greater than our mistakes… He accepts us in all our ups and downs.

(a book about serving God)

For Ages 10-14

A magical language. An enchanted flame. A word to save everything.

An adventure of dragons, mystery, friendship, and the line between right and wrong.

No inappropriate behavior and subtle but rich faith-filled symbolism. Ages 10-14.

“Since it is so likely that children will meet cruel enemies, let them at least have heard of brave knights and heroic courage.” – C.S. Lewis

Would you betray your morals for someone you love?

…and would Carine? In book two out of The Manakor Chronicles’ planned trilogy, Carine, David, and Giles battle stealthy creatures, journey into Navafort, and teeter precariously at the moral edge of good magic and bad, all while shadowed by a mysterious girl from a foreign land.

But even as they band together to protect life and the kingdom, the biggest threat to everything…is each other.

Let’s nourish hope & love in young hearts… through books!