The Firebrand Legacy (The Manakor Chronicles, Book #1)

“A rousing saga of magic and mystery…”


A magical language. An enchanted flame. A word to save everything.

Ever since the ash dragon Kavariel killed her sister, fourteen-year-old Carine has hated dragons and the magic they bring. But this year, when the dragon doesn’t come, a Heartless One enters Esten and threatens the safety of Carine’s family. Forced to leave her parents behind, she joins forces with two princes and sets off on a death-defying journey to save all she holds dear.

But when restoring her home means confronting the magic and dragons she has come to hate, and when unraveled secrets threaten to destroy the world she is trying to save, Carine’s only hope is in her enemy…

Best Juvenile Fiction Gold Award Winner!


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Readers will be THRILLED”

Hall Ways Reviews

What’s in The Firebrand Legacy?

  • Dragons
  • Friendship
  • Magic
  • Princes
  • Fighting
  • Darkness
  • Hope

This book focuses on the good stuff and NOT on annoying, inappropriate content.

The Firebrand Legacy: Manakor Chronicles, #1 provides page upon page of action and adventure, making it hard to put aside….There is no sexual content of any kind, no offensive language, and violence is in no way explicit. Given the main character’s age and the clean content, I highly recommend it to readers ages 10-14 and anyone who enjoys stories about magic and fantasy (and DRAGONS!).”

Hall Ways Reviews

Who is The Firebrand Legacy for?

The perfect book for readers (ages 10-14) who are:

  • Brave enough to adventure
  • Daring enough to explore a new world
  • Sharp enough to tread wisely

“Kiser’s thoroughly engaging fantasy includes all of the classic mythical creatures like merfolk, centaurs, fauns, and sorcerers….The novel veers in surprising directions and engages in cerebral concepts, like the power of language and the dichotomy (or similarities) of physics versus magic…A rousing saga of magic and mystery that leaves the door wide open for a sequel and more.”

Kirkus Reviews

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