Announcing: New Podcast…all about Catholic Kidlit!

Back in March I hosted a Catholic writing contest because I LOVE children’s books–especially those that lovingly instill the worthy values and human necessities like hope and love!

So I’ve been working on a project to connect all of us who love Catholic children’s books–my new podcast: Catholic Kidlit.

This podcast will feature interviews with authors, editors, and publishers who create children’s books, especially those with a Catholic heart, whether they’re overtly Catholic or not.

Check out the new (very first!) episode!

Check out the “trailer” episode here:

If you like it, let me know in the comments, or–better yet!–leave a review! I’d love to hear about what you’d like to hear featured on Catholic Kidlit!

***If you listen carefully–or read this blog post carefully–you might spot the planned title for my upcoming baptismal board book! First reader to comment with the title gets a shoutout 🙂 ***

Thank you for joining me on this new adventure!

What do you think about the podcast? Let me know in the comments!

About Theresa Kiser

I’m Theresa Kiser, speaker and award-winning children’s book author of the picture books Arthur the Clumsy Altar Server (OSV, Coming Spring 2022), Seven Gifts of Baptism (Holy Heroes, coming 2022), and Liturgical Colors (Holy Heroes, 2019), as well as the fantasy adventure series The Manakor Chronicles. On a rare moment when I’m not writing or changing diapers, I might indulge in fruity teas, dark chocolate, and a good book.

Let’s nourish hope & love in young hearts…through books!

4 thoughts on “Announcing: New Podcast…all about Catholic Kidlit!

  1. seschipper says:

    Hi Theresa! Loved the podcast. I look forward to joining and hope to write a “Catholic Kidlit BB or PB. ( I wrote “P is for Purple and Purple is for Lent ” for your contest )
    Also looking forward to reading SEVEN GIFTS OF BAPTISM ! 🙂

    • Theresa Kiser says:

      Yay, Susan! You spotted SEVEN GIFTS OF BAPTISM first!!! I’ll be giving you a shoutout on social media!! Also, I am SO looking forward to your Catholic BBs and PBs! Can’t wait!!!

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