I speak for organizations and classrooms, and love interacting with readers and writers.


I have spoken at festivals including the Decatur Book Festival (Missing Books for the 13-Year-Old Reader: Why 13 Year-Old-Readers Have a Tough Time Finding Books and What We Can Do About It); conferences including the Belonging 4 Women Conference; taught writing workshops including serving as faculty at the Writers Who Run Retreat (providing two 90-minute workshops on character and conflict, faculty Q&A, and critiques)



I love bringing the joy of reading and writing to children. Author visits to schools and classrooms do that in a powerful way. I have visited multiple schools and classrooms (elementary through middle school age) with audience of 10-70 students.

My style is prepared, positive, and interactive so that each student can come away from the event knowing that they have engaged with a “real life” author and inspired that they CAN write and find adventure in reading.

As with any school visit, classes get out what they put in (and more). I’ve had enough visits to see that the students who have read the books, prepared questions/art/writing, or discussed the books together have much more fun and fruitful visits than when the kids have an author visit with no prep.

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It is a joy to share my writing journey and to encourage others to read, write, and follow their callings. I would be honored to learn about your group/students and develop or modify a talk to your preferences.


  • Book Read-Aloud/Discussion – Talks on any of my books; best if the group has read the book in advance. For my picture books, we can read the books together.
  • How a Book Is Made – A fun and informative look at all the steps that go into writing and publishing a book. This visit supports creative writing units very well. I have gotten feedback that it sets kids to scribbling new ideas!
  • No Word Is Wasted: My Writing Journey – An inspirational talk to encourage reading, writing, and persevering with creative expression. It’s about why I started writing, why I keep writing, and how you can too. No word you write will be wasted.


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“Theresa really knows the craft and is so very generous with her experience and knowledge.” – Jill B., adult novel-writing student

  • Crafting Strong Characters – A workshop unpacking the 4 Essential Components ofCharacter
  • Write That Book Already – A workshop designed to help bridge the gap between idea/desire and action plan, with the right tools to help aspiring authors complete their manuscripts.
  • I Wrote a Book…Now What? – A primer on “next steps” with Traditional and Indie Publishing once you’ve completed your book.
  • Missing Books for the 13-Year-Old Reader – Why 13 year-old-readers have a tough time finding books for them and what we can do about it. I love my young teen readers and believe that we can do justice to this crucial age by providing appropriately-aged characters on complex and hopeful journeys.


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I love speaking to groups and want you to feel comfortable reaching out. With me as a speaker, you can expect enthusiasm and professionalism. Please contact me below to discuss your group’s workshop/school visit needs, knowing that you can expect.

  1. Prompt, professional replies to email messages.
  2. A personal phone consultation prior to your event, if desired, so we can both feel comfortable about what to expect.
  3. An announcement about your event on my website and social media channels if you want.
  4. A fun and motivational talk for your group.
  5. A quick follow-up after the talk to make sure everything went the way you wanted.


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