Free “Ordinary Time” Printable Activity

So I’ve never done this before, and I’m trying something new! Inspired by my board book, Liturgical Colors, I’ve been working on a project to bring the liturgical colors into the home.

I thought about liturgical flags, socks, and more, and finally found an EASY, CHEAP, and SUSTAINABLE solution: door hangers!

Just for fun, I put together a door hanger activity printable that’s perfect for:

✓ Families

✓ Homeschool

✓ Religion classes

✓ Catechesis

✓ Parishes

Introducing the liturgical colors is a great lesson to include in the first few months of school/catechesis. This way, when Advent hits, your kids are READY, and know to expect a change of color and symbolism. During the busy December months, you’ll have more time to enjoy Advent, prepare for Christmas, and USE the liturgical knowledge already gained.

Black-and-white and color versions are both included.

I’m making this printable free for your use, and if you like it, please leave a short review!

If you have any other feedback, let me know so I can help. This is a learning process for me and I have to admit that creating this was a lot of fun.

I’m hoping to make some more resources in the future, so be sure to sign up for updates to stay in the loop.

In the meantime, HAPPY ORDINARY TIME! ❤

How did it turn out? Do you like it? Let me know in the comments!

About Theresa Kiser

I’m Theresa Kiser, speaker and award-winning children’s book author of Arthur the Clumsy Altar Server (OSV, Coming Spring 2022), the board book A Little Catholic’s Book of Liturgical Colors (Holy Heroes, 2019), and the fantasy adventure series The Manakor Chronicles. I love supporting other writers through workshops, writing contests, manuscript critiques, and one-on-one coaching. On a rare moment when I’m not writing or changing diapers, I might indulge in fruity teas, dark chocolate, and a good book.

Let’s nourish hope & love in young hearts…through books!

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