“I am so in love with this board book.”

It makes my heart so happy when I come upon another review of one of my books. I think readers in general underestimate how influential and important reviews can be to help readers find the right books for them. They are so helpful to authors–and motivating!–so I just wanted to share this brilliant review from a stranger on Amazon for A Little Catholic’s Book of Liturgical Colors (emphasis mine).

I am so in love with this board book! We just got it a few days ago and already have read it many times! Even as an adult, I really enjoyed the story and it was such a nice review of the liturgical seasons and colors. I wish I had something like this when I was growing up! I feel like both “veteran” Catholics and new Catholics would love this and find it educational.

Storyline: The book is rhyming and has a really nice flow to it! Not too long and wordy for little ones, just long enough! The story introduces the different colors of the “seasons” of the Catholic Church, making a connection to nature. I was very impressed with the way each season was described. The text itself is also a nice, big font making it easy to read.

HH LiturgicalColors-Mockup1
Illustration: Each liturgical color rhyme takes up two pages. The illustration is big, full page bright and colorful images! Very eye-catching! It keeps the attention of my active little one who spends a lot of time looking at each page. On the bottom left corner of each page is a circle with the image of the priest lifting the Eucharist and clearly showing the color of the chasuble (priest’s vestment). The right side of the page is a picture of a child with some sort of symbol for the season. I liked that the images were cartoon but not too babyish (if that makes sense). Very beautifully done and good representation of different ethnicities.

BONUS: At the end is a little 2 page Question & Answer section which gives more depth to what season the colors go with and why. Although it is a board book, this feels like a book that can grow with the child. Would be an excellent book to read before Mass and then ask your child what color they saw and what do they remember the color symbolizes/means. I’d also note that this is a great book if you are just getting back into your faith. Overall, a very well thought out little book!

Thank you, reader Caitlin, for sharing your thoughts so eloquently! ❤ And thanks to all who read to little ones and inspire hope in young kids’ hearts.

Quarantine Gift for You

In an effort to encourage everyone to #stayhome and to help children learn there, authors–including me–are offering free resources to their readers.

Starting today, I am offering my award-winning fantasy adventure The Firebrand Legacy for free on Smashwords (here).

Named IPPY’s 2016 “Best Juvenile Fiction” Gold Award winner, it’s an adventure of friendship, danger, and dragons, perfect for readers aged 10-15.

We have to help each other out during this crisis, so I hope that offering this first book in The Manakor Chronicles will provide joy, hope, and fun for families.

If you have read the book, or do read the book during this time, please let me know what you think! I love to hear from readers; it is one of the joys of writing books! Posting feedback, especially reviews, also helps authors share the word about their stories and lets other readers know about good books. (These also make great activities for homebound children!)

  • Send me a message using the Contact page, to ask me a question or share your thoughts (I commit to respond to all readers during this time!)
  • Write and publish a review on Goodreads or Amazon.
  • Write a physical letter to the author and post a photo on Twitter.

And most of all, chat about stories together in the family, and spread a little hope and love together.


READ The Firebrand Legacy FREE



A rousing saga of magic and mystery” – Kirkus Reviews2016-01-17 08.27.00

“Readers will be THRILLED with author T.K. Kiser’s arrival on the middle grade book scene. The Firebrand Legacy: Manakor Chronicles, #1 provides page upon page of action and adventure, making it hard to put aside….There is no sexual content of any kind, no offensive language, and violence is in no way explicit. Given the main character’s age and the clean contentI highly recommend it to readers ages 10-14 and anyone who enjoys stories about magic and fantasy (and DRAGONS!).”

– Hall Ways Reviews

Liturgical Colors has been APPROVED!

I have been outvoted in the fantastic Madness! Poetry competition, so I will no longer be competing in the tournament, but I DO look forward to reading the upcoming poems and participating as the showdown continues!

In the meantime, I am thrilled to announce that my board book, A Little Catholic’s Book of Liturgical Colors has received the Seal of Approval from the Catholic Writers Guild!

The Seal of Approval is a sign that the book’s contents are 100% in line with the teachings of the Catholic Church. The seal is a testament to the dedication that the publisher, Holy Heroes puts toward double- and triple-checking each of its publications to truly help each family embrace the joy of the faith.

So here it is, the SEAL! This book has been APPROVED!

logo color CWG SOA

Round 2 Madness!

I made it to round TWO, and voting starts NOW! Thanks to everyone for your votes in round one, and please (even if I don’t make round three) continue to check in to Madness! Poetry for fun children’s poems!

I am having a blast reading all the entries, and hope that lots of children home from school can tune in as well for some fun with literature 🙂

So what about round 2?

This round, my opponent and I were required to use the word “prodigy” in our poems. Mine takes a spin on a classic tale. Check it out now and vote if you like!

Read Theresa Kiser’s Round 2 poem

Again, there are excellent poems posted this round, so check them out and have fun!

Madness! Poetry Tournament Starts NOW

Sunday night I was given the word “bearing,” along with 36 hours to compose a children’s poem containing that word. My opponent had the same opportunity.

Check out our competing poems here.

Now, starting at 10:15AM this morning, adults and kids from around the country can VOTE on their favorite to see who proceeds in this year’s Madness! Poetry tournament, “the largest children’s poetry tournament ever conceived.”


All of this is an effort to let 7500+ kids throughout the country know that poetry is relevant, fun, and alive! So what can you do?

  1. Read the competing poems.
  2. Have an opinion! Which do you prefer? Vote!
  3. Enroll your classroom in voting. If you have students, have them share their opinions with the class. Which do they like better and why? There will be 129 poems in this competition, all available for free, as the rounds continue through the end of March.
  4. Share! Share the news in person and online! FREE POEMS! EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT!

And have fun 🙂

Happy March (Poetry) Madness, everyone 🙂


Honorable Mention Winning Story

My story, Little Card’s Purpose, won an honorable mention in this year’s Valentiny contest!

All Around HM - Theresa Kiser (1)

Here is the story, for your enjoyment:

By Theresa Kiser
214 words

Little Card remembered being pulled from a box. He remembered when Willow took a big yellow pencil and wrote something on him. He remembered the red heart sticker attached to his side, and being folded up. But he didn’t remember what it was all for.

None of the other cards seemed to know either. “Who cares?” they said.

Now, Little Card bounced around Willow’s backpack with everyone else. Something new was happening.

“Is bouncing my purpose in life?” he wondered.

Little Card slid onto a desk with the other cards. All around were children.

But Little Card didn’t have long to look around.

Willow gave him a kiss and slid him into a dark box. Hours passed, and Little Card was scared to think, “Is sitting in the dark my purpose in life?”

Finally, light poured in.

The lid was gone, and a child’s hand reached down. The child held up nervous Little Card in the light.

“‘Lila, you are loved,’” she read softly. A grin spread wide across Lila’s face.

“That must be what Willow wrote on me,” thought Little Card, and suddenly, as Lila held him close to her heart, Little Card understood his purpose in life.

“To make others feel loved,” he realized with joy. “This is what I’m made for.”