It’s HERE! — Arthur the Clumsy Altar Server

Yesterday I received my first copy of Arthur the Clumsy Altar Server!

It’s here! Yesterday a big box appeared on my front steps from Our Sunday Visitor. Inside, I was delighted to find my author copies of Arthur the Clumsy Altar Server! This is my first time seeing the book in print and I can’t wait for it to be shared with families around the country!

The Book is LIVE! – Day ONE!

If you didn’t have a chance to pre-order, you can now order from Amazon or Our Sunday Visitor–and first day sales help boost the algorithm so the book can be more easily found.

Huge thanks to Our Sunday Visitor, the illustrator, editor, and everyone else involved in bringing this book into existence! Also, thanks to my readers for your encouraging words on my blogs, reviews on my other books, and your feedback in private to me. It means a lot and helps this work to happen! ❤

My big box of Arthur the Clumsy Altar Server books!

Now Arthur the Clumsy Altar Server can go about his mission of spreading confidence in God’s love to all kids–through all their ups and downs!


Share Arthur the Clumsy Altar Server with your kids with this free printable, which focuses on God’s love, even when we feel silly or clumsy! Get yours here.

Are you planning to read Arthur the Clumsy Altar Server?

Let me know in the comments!

About Theresa Kiser

I’m Theresa Kiser, speaker and award-winning children’s book author of the picture books Arthur the Clumsy Altar Server (Our Sunday Visitor, Coming 2022), Seven Gifts of Baptism (Holy Heroes, Coming 2022), and Liturgical Colors (Holy Heroes, 2019), as well as the fantasy adventure series The Manakor Chronicles. On a rare moment when I’m not writing or changing diapers, I might indulge in fruity teas, dark chocolate, and a good book.

5 thoughts on “It’s HERE! — Arthur the Clumsy Altar Server

  1. Rose of Sharon says:

    So happy for you, Theresa!
    Yes, I plan on reading! I have already pre-ordered and look forward to receiving mine in the mail too! I have a family member “in training” to be an altar server, and I know we will both enjoy reading your book.

  2. Ariana says:

    Excellent news! I am eager to read it nd pre-ordered to be sure to be early! What joy to see the fruits of your labor in print!

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