WINNERS ANNOUNCED! Check out these fabulous entries for the Lenten Catholic Kidlit Writing Contest

Wow! I am so moved by the heart poured into these contest entries. THANK YOU to these writers for participating and pouring themselves into this Lent-themed extravaganza! I’m also touched by the kind comments given to each other throughout the contest. It is a privilege to be able to connect with you all, and it warms my heart to witness such support and thoughtfulness shared with virtual neighbors.

The entries were varied and wonderful, a pleasure to read, as were (again) the supportive and loving comments the writers shared with each other. It has been such a joy to participate in this Lent-focused writing exercise with you all–thank you!

Just to review, here are some of the criteria considered when selecting winners:

Judging criteria considered:

  1. Kid-appeal/Kid-friendliness – remember, this is a story for kids!
  2. Creativity in using your Lent-inspired word or photo
  3. Quality of story – basic story elements and a true story arc
  4. Quality of writing – use and flow of language, correctness of mechanics, excellence of rhyme and meter if you use it.
  5. Originality – I’d love to see something new brought to the table in this Catholic children’s space! ❤
  6. *Bonus* – I’ll choose the pieces that speak to me most, be they sentimental, sweet, meditative, funny, lyrical, scary, inspiring, or something I haven’t thought of. I’m excited to be surprised!

THANK YOU again to Lindsay Schlegel, Brenda Ramirez, and Margot Davidson, who have contributed prizes! Please be sure to thank them for their generosity, and follow them online to hear more from them!

Without further delay: THE WINNERS

“The King” by Rose of Sharon

This poem is impressive for its structure and thoughtful vignettes of Jesus’ life, which give meaning to Lent in a fresh way. Well done, Rose of Sharon! You have won a critique with editor Lindsay Schlegel AND a copy of A Little Catholic’s Book of Liturgical Colors!

Picture Book manuscript critique from editor Lindsay Schlegel

(Little Lamb Books) – Lindsay Schlegel is a freelance editor with over fifteen years’ experience in a bookstore, literary agency, and a number of publishing houses, including Candlewick Press, Abrams, and Simon & Schuster. She currently serves as editor-at-large for Little Lamb Books, a Christian children’s publisher.

A Little Catholic’s Book of Liturgical Colors by Theresa Kiser

Introduce babies and toddlers to God’s LOVE through the symbolism of the liturgical colors!

“P is for Purple and Purple is For Lent” by Susan E. Schipper

Susan chose to write a nonfiction piece explaining the meaning of purple in Lent. I love the gentle explanation and comparisons with nature, and hope that this is the type of conversation happening in catechesis classrooms! Susan, congratulations on your beautiful entry! You have won a picture book critique with me as well as a copy of Black Fox of Lorne from Hillside Education!

Picture Book manuscript critique from me, Theresa Kiser

Find out more about my manuscript critiques here.

“Drops of Red” by Tammy Fernando

I love the unique perspective of the robin in this piece! This is the first time I have “seen” the Passion through the eyes of an animal, and it is creative and beautiful. My favorite line is, “As do I.” It breaks up the structure, and instantly sets the tone of the rest of the poem. Good job, Tammy, and thank you for participating! You have won a digital copy of The Firebrand Legacy!

Digital copy of award-winning novel The Firebrand Legacy (Book #1 of The Manakor Chronicles) by T.K. Kiser

for ages 10-14, “Best Juvenile Fiction” Gold Winner

“The Miracle Man” by Lynn Grace Wong

I can feel the emotion in this piece. The narrator’s yearning and prayer really hits home. You’ve packed a lot into this poem with references to the Agony in the Garden and devotion to Mary! I love the line, “Come, my child. Let me take you to my son.” It is such a gentle line that speaks to the way Mary brings us back to God. Congratulations, Lynn Grace! You have won a copy of The Lamb’s Gift by Brenda Ramirez!

The Lamb’s Gift by Brenda Ramirez

Friendships come in all forms, shapes and colors. In this story, it comes in the form of a little girl and a very special lamb that is dyed an array of colors throughout their journey. This story reminds us that sometimes holding on, is holding back.

“Turtledove’s Lenten Prayer” by Doreen McAvoy

What a gentle introduction to the Rosary! Using almost Socratic dialogue, “Turtledove’s Lenten Prayer” explains the Rosary prayer with two beautiful birds. I love their intention with this: “I’d like to grow closer to God.” Beautiful! Congratulations, Doreen! You have won a copy of Merengue by Brenda Ramirez.

Merengue by Brenda Ramirez

Camila is a bright, joyful little girl who loved to dance merengue.  After a devastating accident, she becomes paralyzed from the waist down. However, when she receives her new wheelchair she is in for a big surprise. Discover how Camila learns about herself and what she can do.

The author is generously offering an English version or a Spanish version for the winner of this prize.

“My Sister, the Saint” by Liz Vicente

Coming directly from experience, Liz tackled an extremely tough circumstance in “My Sister, the Saint.” It is a story of a mother’s remarkable love, and connects to Lent in a simple and clever way. Congratulations, Liz! You have won a copy of City of the Golden House by Madeleine Polland from Hillside Education!

“Untitled” by Kristine Neumayer Jenkins

I LOVE the direction of this entry because it is such an unexpected twist on the Lenten theme! Dealing with dragons, adventure, and imagination, Kristine cleverly tied in not one but TWO of our contest keywords. Congratulations, Kristine! You have won a copy of The Tripods Attack from Hillside Education.

Congratulations to the Winners!

THANK YOU to everyone who participated! Writing good literature for children is an incredibly important calling, and I’m so glad we’re doing this together!

If you won a book, I will put you in contact with the donor of your book to arrange shipping details.

Two winners received a manuscript critique from myself or Lindsay Schlegel. If you have won a manuscript critique, it is your responsibility to contact the person with whom you won the critique and schedule your session.

If you did not receive a critique and would like one, both Lindsay Schlegel and myself offer critique services, so feel free to reach out to either of us for that. Keep in contact with your writing peers, and let’s continue to support each other on this writing journey.

If some time has passed and you have not received your prize, please contact me so we can sort it all out. 🙂

Thank you again to all the donors and to those who participated! It has been a pleasure interacting with you all. What a joyful and meditative way to start out this Lenten season! Have a blessed Lent!

About Theresa Kiser

I’m Theresa Kiser, a speaker and award-winning children’s book author of Arthur the Clumsy Altar Server Serves His First Mass (A Book about Serving God), [COMING SPRING 2022 with Our Sunday Visitor!], the board book A Little Catholic’s Book of Liturgical Colors and the fantasy adventure series The Manakor Chronicles. I love supporting other writers through workshops, writing contests, manuscript critiques, and one-on-one coaching. On a rare moment when I’m not writing or changing diapers, I might indulge in fruity teas, dark chocolate, and a good book.

Let’s nourish hope & love in young hearts…through books!

3 thoughts on “WINNERS ANNOUNCED! Check out these fabulous entries for the Lenten Catholic Kidlit Writing Contest

  1. dmcavoy65 says:

    Thank you, Theresa, for offering the opportunity to participate in this wonderful contest and for all your hard work. It was a pleasure “meeting” the other contestants and reading their work–one more touching than the next! A Blessed Lenten and Easter season to all!

  2. seschipper says:

    Hi Theresa!

    I am speechless (my husband found that hard to believe!!) honored, and so appreciative of receiving this recognition. The entries were all amazing!

    I had a few questions regarding the prize. Is this the correct venue to address my questions?

    Again, thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity to hone our writing skills and the privilege of having you critique one of my manuscripts!


    Susan 😊

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