Join me for a free webinar!

I’ve been asked to join a panel on writing and publishing in 2020 at the Catholic “Festival of Friendship.” 😀 Join me there for the online webinar on Thursday, October 29 at 6PM. It’s FREE!

I’ll be sharing tips on how to navigate the challenges of publishing children’s books during this *different* year, and will answer questions from the audience in the online chat.

You will learn:

  • Tips to get your first (or later!) book deal/writing income during these strange times,
  • Insight as to what is happening differently this year in the publishing world,
  • Ways to turn this year’s challenges into opportunities,
  • Specific insight into the children’s publishing world, and
  • WHY it matters!

This talk will be especially relevant to those who want to write/get published and want to know what to do next.

Join me and two other speakers, publisher Gregory Wolfe and professor Christopher Riley, this Thursday, October 29 at 6PM!

Mid-sentence at the Festival of Friendship writing/publishing webinar

Join for free at this link:

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