“I am so in love with this board book.”

It makes my heart so happy when I come upon another review of one of my books. I think readers in general underestimate how influential and important reviews can be to help readers find the right books for them. They are so helpful to authors–and motivating!–so I just wanted to share this brilliant review from a stranger on Amazon for A Little Catholic’s Book of Liturgical Colors (emphasis mine).

I am so in love with this board book! We just got it a few days ago and already have read it many times! Even as an adult, I really enjoyed the story and it was such a nice review of the liturgical seasons and colors. I wish I had something like this when I was growing up! I feel like both “veteran” Catholics and new Catholics would love this and find it educational.

Storyline: The book is rhyming and has a really nice flow to it! Not too long and wordy for little ones, just long enough! The story introduces the different colors of the “seasons” of the Catholic Church, making a connection to nature. I was very impressed with the way each season was described. The text itself is also a nice, big font making it easy to read.

HH LiturgicalColors-Mockup1
Illustration: Each liturgical color rhyme takes up two pages. The illustration is big, full page bright and colorful images! Very eye-catching! It keeps the attention of my active little one who spends a lot of time looking at each page. On the bottom left corner of each page is a circle with the image of the priest lifting the Eucharist and clearly showing the color of the chasuble (priest’s vestment). The right side of the page is a picture of a child with some sort of symbol for the season. I liked that the images were cartoon but not too babyish (if that makes sense). Very beautifully done and good representation of different ethnicities.

BONUS: At the end is a little 2 page Question & Answer section which gives more depth to what season the colors go with and why. Although it is a board book, this feels like a book that can grow with the child. Would be an excellent book to read before Mass and then ask your child what color they saw and what do they remember the color symbolizes/means. I’d also note that this is a great book if you are just getting back into your faith. Overall, a very well thought out little book!

Thank you, reader Caitlin, for sharing your thoughts so eloquently! ❤ And thanks to all who read to little ones and inspire hope in young kids’ hearts.

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